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January 22, 2020

High Quality and Low Cost: Why you should outsourcing developers from Serbia

Outsourcing in Serbia is common. The country is rich with highly educated and experienced IT experts. Costs of hiring those experts are low, and for a fair price, you can hire highly recommended stuff. That is why you surely heard about Serbian outsourcing services before.

Education in Serbia

The key to a large number of IT experts in Serbia lies in good and quality education. Universities are full of people willing to improve themselves through experience and working on big projects. The focus is on State Universities in main cities. Here you need to work hard and learn a lot, of course, if you want good grades.

After formal education, those students are hired by big companies which have their branches in Serbia. Half of the students are working for tech companies, and the other half works in quality and well-ranked outsourcing agencies. Working with various clients and various industries, they learn how to interact with the client’s demands and requirements.

Successful IT experts

Some of Serbian IT experts are well known in different domains of IT industries. You can find their names everywhere, from Google to Apple. They work in the world’s leading universities, companies and agencies. Some of them are based in China, Japan or the USA, but they come here to share their knowledge and experience with young people attracted to the IT and Tech industry.

Everybody is speaking English

Also, the English language is very popular in Serbia, so a company that offshore outsourcing from this country does not have language barriers. In the past few years, the English language became mandatory from the third grade of primary school.

Timezone is not a problem

Outsourcing companies from Serbia work in the central European time zone. But do not worry, those skilled programmers are well known as hard workers. Time zone is not an issue for their team members. Serbian technical staff is commonly engaged with leading tech international companies.

Serbia offers a strong cultural affinity, so if you planning visiting Serbia you can find many interesting attractions. Well, if you coming to Serbia, take the opportunity to meet some of our university graduates. They may become strong and reliable support to your company.

Photo by Nikola Rakic on Unsplash

Highly ranked outsourcing country

Here is one fun fact about outsourcing business in Serbia – this small country is on 5th place in Worldwide Developer rankings. Looking through history, that is not odd at all. Serbia was always rich with highly ranked scientists and innovators; Nikola Tesla and Mihajlo Pupin for example.

Statistically, information technology is a popular field of study in Serbia, even 33% of university graduates are engineers. Besides a strong outsourcing company with a long history of working and a good reputation, here you also can find tech companies that develop their own products.

The nightlife is also good, people are friendly and cheerful. Streets are busy and you have a wide selection of places for drinking coffee, beer or eating dinner. Hard-working life in a city is always followed by a positive attitude.

Serbia is not just one of the favorite outsourcing destinations but is also a nice place for vacation. For example, you can visit Novi Sad, a city where our company is located. Our outsourcing services are highly recommended since we have lots of working hours on successful complex projects behind us.

Our software development services are one of the best that you can find in Eastern Europe, so be free to contact us for chatting on any IT topic.

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High Quality and Low Cost: Why you should outsourcing developers from Serbia

Outsourcing in Serbia is common. The country is rich with highly educated and experienced IT experts. Costs of hiring those experts...

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