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We know that our highest priority is a happy customer.

This is why we think customer collaboration is more important than contract negotiation.

This is why we understand that the initial plan is going to change as the market is also going to change.

This is why we are ready to accept these changes.

This is why we know how to get things done.

This is why we live agile.

Our typical work process

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We carefully listen to your ideas

We convert your ideas into implementable features

Dedicated product owner prioritizes list of what is required, features, bugs to fix

We split features into chunks for clear implementation

Monitors the process to maximize team’s productivity

Team organizes daily discussions about the current state of the product

We present working features to client

This can be adjusted to your needs

Staff augmentation

Need temporary help with delivering a project/building a digital product?

Can’t find the right developer?

Let us augment your team!

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Product Development outsourcing

Looking for a team to build your application?

Have a clear vision and experience in building applications?

Hire a remote team of software and product development experts to build the application for you.