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Machine Learning & Deep Learning

Mars CT has the team made of highly recognized professionals in artificial intelligence field of study. Our experts are specialized in applying state-of-the-art Machine Learning and Deep Learning algorithms and can offer you AI solutions that can improve your business or product.


Data Mining

We have lots of experience in applying modern Data Mining methods, finding patterns in data and converting them into useful information that has the capability to add value to your business operations.

Mars CT treats ways to analyze big data and offer you all methods for dealing with computer vision, all that in shortest possible time.

Our services

Machine Learning and
Deep Learning Algorithm Design

Mars CT provides AI solutions driven by state-of-the-art Machine Learning and Deep Learning algorithms that are focused on letting businesses understand and learn from complex data so that you can make essential and critical business decisions with ease.

Natural Language
Processing (NLP)

Mars CT offers Natural Language Processing services to the businesses by combining latest Deep Learning methods along with linguistics. We can help you integrate NLP capabilities into your system to eliminate the complexity and process your data rapidly.

Cloud Based
Artificial Intelligence

Mars CT offers services to combine AI technology with Cloud computing to generate valuable insights and information that can help business evolve and to follow latest technology trends.

Pattern and Image Recognition

Mars CT uses cutting edge Deep Learning and Machine Learning approaches for image recognition that can be successfully integrated with complex software solutions with various practical applications. We develop visual applications that have the capability to synthesize images or videos and look for patterns in them.

Text and Data Mining

Mars CT offers AI based Data mining services that can help enterprises analyze Big Data to find useful information out of it. With our AI based Text mining service, businesses can collect beneficial information from different text sources.

Decision Support Systems

Mars CT integrates unique AI based decision management solutions into a wide range of business applications to help making fast and accurate automated decisions.