About us

MARS CT is a company that is experienced in building software solutions for various areas of industry. With more than a decade of experience in industrial engineering, software development, cyber security and automated technological solutions we can implement your business ideas.

We provide top-notch software services, make custom tailored solutions and applications. Also, we have rich experience in building prototypes for your next big project. Here at MARS CT, we are open for your ideas and collaboration with investors.

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Mars CT offers its clients a top-notch technical and business expertise in various forms of complex, web and mobile solutions to accommodate its client’s business needs. Our goal is to deliver quality software solution and perfect service within time frame by maintaining smooth project workflow.

By outsourcing our software developers, you can be easily focused on your key business functions. Mars CT has experienced teams of engineers who listen to client’s ideas and needs, and develop custom software solutions for different platforms by using cutting edge technologies and tools.

Our tech-savvy teams of dedicated professionals work together to deliver agile, interactive and highly pragmatic solutions which can be the most important part of your successful business.

Research & Development

Mars CT can offer you design, development and rapid application prototyping in forms of minimum viable products (MVPs) in constrained time frame that perfectly suits innovative start-ups, small business and big enterprise corporations.

Our research and development team will develop new software products for you.

Artificial Intelligence

Mars CT has the team made of highly recognized professionals in artificial intelligence field of study. Our experts are specialized in applying state-of-the-art Machine Learning and Deep Learning algorithms and can offer you AI solutions that can improve your business or product.

Security Consulting

Mars CT experts gained experience working in cybersecurity departments of the most prestigious companies. That is why we can offer you different training and consultancy sessions, covering a wide field of cybersecurity topics using methods that rely on widely recognized cybersecurity standards.

Why choose us

We are valuable partner that helps you to achieve your business goals by outsourcing our experts.


With our pool of talented engineers, we offer dedicated teams responsible for every stage of your project development lifecycle.

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Technologies Expertise

We make thorough analysis and apply the most suitable technology stack for each challenge we undertake.

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Focus on Product Quality

Keeping in mind that client’s success lays in quality of their products, we approach to every project with dedication and professionalism.

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Timely delivery

With maximum efficiency as our goal, we make sure that we deliver our projects in a time-bound manner.

Technologies we commonly use

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